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Méray/ Nova/ Dorman

wir suchen Teile oder komplettes Motorrad der ungarischen Marke Méray/ Nova/ Dorman

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Triumph Model H 1921...

Triumph Model H 1921

Sunbeam Model 6...

Rahmennummer: B 2094         Motornummer: J 2422

Baujahr: 1928                ccm: 500


This 1928 Sunbeam Model 6 is an elegant, well equipped example of Sunbeam's well-known and very succesful model, called 'Longstroke'.
Sunbeam had many sporting successes with the iconic 77 x 105.5 mm side valve engine, which was very fast and reliable. The Longstroke was in production for 17 years – the longest of any Sunbeam motorcycle...
1927 Harley-Davidson...

1927 Harley-Davidson V-Twin 1200ccm IOE


Baujahr: 1927                  ccm: 1200 

Dokumente: schwedische Registration

Norton Model 18 500cc...

Norton Model 18 500cc OHV 1930

Baujahr: 1930                  ccm: 500

Rahmennummer: 588 40446          Motornummer: 48504

Dokumente: British V5C Registration

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