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Rudge Special 1927...

Rudge Special 1927 500cc OHV

Motor Nummer: 43852          Rahmen Nummer: 23030

Jahr: 1927                             ccm: 500

Dokumente: deutsche DEKRA Oldtimer Registration


Die Maschine wurde 1927 von der Generalvertretung für Leipzig/Dresden der Firma Neisse importiert

mit Bosch Magnetzündung und Nirona Karbid Beleuchtung. Alle Nummern passen,

beide Kurbelgehause selbe Nummer, Getriebe alle Nummer gleich.


Levis 600ccm OHV 1937...

Rahmen Nr.: 25538    Motornummer: 31047

Baujahr: 1937                ccm: 600

Dokumente: British V5C Registration



This rare and interesting 600cc Levis is a very nice, restored example. It is the top of the range model from the 1937 Levis catalogue.


This true sports motorcycle is fitted with a Burman four speed gearbox, 21 inch front wheel, Amal carburettor, Lucas magdyno and rear light, Miller headlamp.


Sunbeam Model 9 500cc...

Baujahr: 1927                  ccm: 500

Rahmennummer: D1515          Motornummer: L2356

Dokumente: britische V5C Registration



This flattank Sunbeam Model 9 is an elegant and powerful vintage sports tourer; it is a nice older restoration.


Fitted with Amac carburettor, Lucas magdyno and Best-Lloyd external oil pump. The Sunbeam still retains its original Dunlop rims and the fully enclosed chain case.

Further equipments...

Indian Scout 1927...

Baujahr: 1927           ccm: 600

Motornummer: BG5420

Dokumente: Schwedische Registration Dokument


This 1927 short frame Indian Scout is an older restoration, equipped with correct, original Splitdorf magneto and dynamo, Schebler "HX190" carburettor.

Accessories include complete electric lighting set, toolbox, battery box, and a genuine Indian ammeter.


The Indian is in a proper mechanical condition, runs and rides well.


NSU OS 500 1934

NSU OS 500 1934

Rahmennummer: 870646     Motornummer: 175338
Baujahr: 1934                    ccm: 500

Dokumente: Österreichische Einzelgenehmigung

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